Companion Services

Companions & In-Home Care

for companionship & strong mind purposes


For our families, we have been in home care for decades and pride ourselves on offering the best in care givers overseen by nursing professionals.  We Service Westchester & Rockland Counties, along with the Greater New York.

  • Companionship & Conversation  

  • Letter Writing  Reading & Correspondence

  • Playing mind stimulating games

  • Participate in Crafts  

  • Record Family History

  • Maintain Family Scrapbook

  • Reminisce About The Past

  • Discuss Current Events

  • Rent and Play Movies

  • Share Religious Readings

This was a video going around on Facebook. 
This lovely lady suffers from Alzheimer's.
It's moments of joy like this that make our lives ...and work... worth everything! Enjoy!