Every senior's home needs a little TLC, just like ours does in the spring. Here are some steps

1. Make a list of what your senior or family of the senior would like accomplished for spring cleaning.

2. Routine tasks that you are already doing such as wiping down the floors, cleaning the kitchen, and washing the laundry should include some extras which can increase the well-being of your senior. These can include washing curtains and tablecloths, washing the windows, and cleaning the front of the refrigerator.

3. Discarding of expired medications in the kitchen and bathroom is also important to keep the senior safe. Now is a good time to go through them for prescriptions that are not being used and those that are expired.

4. Dig deep into their refrigerator and dispose of all foods that are beyond the dates of safe food.

5. Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors should be checked for battery life and operation.

6. Hallways and paths in the home in which the senior uses frequently. Maybe you’ve pushed aside furniture and items that now need to be considered for the waste bin or a recycling service outside the home. Go through it with the family or the senior and see what you can do to make their paths clear and easier to maneuver.

7. Are the loose rugs ending their life cycle. Rugs tend to get slippy due to frequent washing and may present a slipping hazards. This should be on your list to double check and throw-away any presenting a hazard.

8. Lighting to an elderly senior might need to be adjusted as their eyesight has worsened. Replacing light bulbs with brighter ones or burnt out bulbs will provide a safe hallway or place to read their medication canisters.

9. Maybe it is time the look around in the bathrooms and get the necessary new grab bars where their was none.

I hope this was helpful.

Call us here at All Care Living Assistance Services 914-667-0023 for companion services. We believe that having quality of life does increase the happiness and life span of our seniors.

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