The Torah considers old age a virtue and a blessing.

Throughout the Torah, "old" (zakein) is synonymous with "wise”, though in today’s society, immobility and slowness are often viewed as weak and ineffectual. In addition to being far from the truth, this is scary to our aging loved ones. In a nutshell, the experiences our elders can share with us can and will make us stronger. We need to find ways to restore this understanding.

The first and biggest way is to change the way they view themselves. Self-perception is is a powerful and changeable thing. They need to know that they have much to offer and society needs their visions. They are some of our greatest assets now more than ever before. In the aging years, our elders’ perspectives on life are of great value. Physical prowess is NOT the true measure of worth. The very reason we are aging is a result of the richness of a life we have experienced and are experiencing.

So we have to encourage them to find opportunities to keep discovering, learning and developing. The Almighty has given everyone those tools, remembering this is the challenge. They need to tell you their stories; and if they feel it is falling on deaf ears, encourage them to tell it again. Urge them to share their views. History and opinion, based on experience and knowledge, is how new and better advances are made.

We here at All Care Living Assistance Services see the brightness in the amazing people whom we help through our companions and home care assistance services. From the perspective of their idea of a ‘good’ book, to full body smiles witnessed when enjoying a computer program installed by us. And let us not forget those stories which enrich the lives of those they come in contact with. We love what we do and understand that part of our job is to make sure our elders also understand that they are important every day.

If we have helped you in even a small way by clarifying this to our aging population, we have done part of our job. The rest is helping you reach your potential and enjoy your mature years, even if sometimes you just need a little help. You, and everything you have to offer, is the reason you should seek help, and live happier and fuller days.

So we encourage you to think about companions to help with meals, chores, or just to listen — in or out of the home. We can enrich your life while you enrich ours — and everyone whom we can tell about you and your life’s adventures. Breaking down walls that are being built from age ignorance should be all of our missions. Try a helping hand from a companion, for both of our sakes!

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