Why 'independent' care providers are better?

Our only job is providing COMPANION SERVICES.

Nursing homes that provide companion services become our competitors. But there is a unhealthy truth to what that means for the family's loved ones seeking good companion services. The quality of the service goes down because this isn't their business focus. They have another agenda, which is 'filling the nursing home'. So they offer services that they cut costs on, in order to have the recommendation platform at the time of the family needing to consider a nursing home.

Another aspect that you don't realize NOT deciding on an "independent" Companion Services Agency, is the fact that when and if the family decides that the aging loved one has to enter into a nursing home, they aren't giving a recommendation of the "best" for their situation. They are recommended the nursing home in which the companion services have been hired out of.

So you have bought into a less expensive plan of In-home Companions, received less of a service , then you are more or less navigated to where their focus lay in the first place. Which might not be the best for the loved one. But because they have made it easy for you, you don't argue and mom or dad are probably not better off.

Our First Job and ONLY job is providing you with the best in Professional In-Home Companions

This will extend the life of your mom or dad, as we have seen in our years of experience. And the quality of life and peace of mind it gives the families out-weighs any financial burden. Shop companion services know and realizing what agenda the agency is trying to ultimately serve. Ours is being the best companion services for Westchester County and the Greater New York area.

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